Destroy Christmas! non-violence battle of The poor rebellion troop and police

Lots of people are doing something around Shinjuku every night. You can see lots of street performance around Shinjuku station every night. This day was before Christmas. I can see some street performances at this day as well. Almost all street performances are musicians But I found some unique street performance in front of Christmas color building. They spread out …

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Travel TIP: Stop filming cooking in Ramen restaurant, It’s battlefield of Samurai cock

Not open kitche, it’s battle kitchen Basically kitchen is very delicate place. This place must be sanitary. This is the reason lots of restaurant kitchen is far from customer eating area to prevent food poisoning. Yes, there are lots of insanity customer with many viruses. But strangely lots of Ramen noodle restaurants, their kitchen is open kitchen style which is surrounded …

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Another important role of Yasukuni shrine is declaration of new fiscal year with Sakura & beer

standard sakura tree in Yasukuni shrine

Yasukuni controversy isn’t important for middle class Japanese. Now days, we cannot talk about Yasukuni shrine without mentioning to Japanese war crime. Even though we don’t hope it, Yasukuni shrine is creating controversy and now, it is the Yasukuni shrine’s most famous role internationally. Japanese politicians seem to make use of Yasukuni shrine, but young Japanese people don’t care about …

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Crew run away because customers come. Hellish one-man operation of Gyudon shop.

Crew run away? What is these messy dishes? This picture is not my kitchen. (My kitchen is more dirty) This picture was uploading on twitter recently with comment, “One-man operation leads this situation. It’s impossible to clear the table all alone. I feel sorry for young lonely Gyudon shop crew. And this tweet was retreated by many users soon. But …

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Cherry blossom festival @ Meguro river is good for street party

Important part of cherry blossom viewing   In Japan, spring is Cherry blossom viewing season. The important part of Cherry blossom viewing is not only cherry blossom, but also drinking and eating. There is Japanese old proverb about this, “dumplings rather than flowers; people are more interested in the practical over the aesthetic” But cherry tree is growing in the …

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