Shibuya street Halloween party 2014, Cosplay show, Car&bike parade, Mikoshi performance

History of Shibuya street Halloween party Several years ago, Halloween party is not so popular in Japan. Only foreigner enjoy it in Japan at Roppongi where is Japanese famous foreigner’s town. We need to understand and respect traditional Halloween style in Roppongi because USA people keeping an educational eye severe. and they scorn people who don’t wear pumpkin goods in their costume. But …

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Destroy Christmas! non-violence battle of The poor rebellion troop and police

Lots of people are doing something around Shinjuku every night. You can see lots of street performance around Shinjuku station every night. This day was before Christmas. I can see some street performances at this day as well. Almost all street performances are musicians But I found some unique street performance in front of Christmas color building. They spread out …

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[Drug free] Harajuku street karaoke man sing against wall without marijuana

Confusing stupid world leader USA, smart clever legal Japan USA always take initiative in political , culture, business, religion etc. as a result, world get confused. I remember that US maybe fight mexican marijuana dealer because marijuana is illegal few month ago. So Japanese police seriously have arrested marijuana users  in Japan until now even Paul McCartney.  Yes, we arrested very famous …

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Crew run away because customers come. Hellish one-man operation of Gyudon shop.

Crew run away? What is these messy dishes? This picture is not my kitchen. (My kitchen is more dirty) This picture was uploading on twitter recently with comment, “One-man operation leads this situation. It’s impossible to clear the table all alone. I feel sorry for young lonely Gyudon shop crew. And this tweet was retreated by many users soon. But …

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Stressful driving view of Route246, the most dangerous road for motor cycle.

Stressful driving view of Route246, the most dangerous road for motor cycle. (10)

Route246 is the most dangerous road in Japan There is lots of motor cycle accident. Japanese police is making effort to reduce those accidents. At first, police pick up ten roads that have lots of accident to promote safety drive campaign. In those ten roads, this route246 is regarded as the most dangerous road. We call 246 roads like this, …

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