Sensitive spot big scale high way construction, Kenoudou accross Shinkansen.

Now big scale construction is on going around tokyo in Japan.

Kenoudou is one of the most important and big construction in Japan.

This purpose is to make several orbital roads around Tokyo to move smoothly without traffic jam.


Different to pizza delivery, if we fail to deliver sushi quickly, it rotten soon. Sushi delivery is very serious.

this is One of the reason we need good traffic system.

If we go there now, we can see under construction highway.

Especially the place across the spot where Shinkansen, high speed rail way and this orbital road is one of the most sensitive place.
As you know there are lots of earth quake in Japan. So we must make high way bridge very strongly. If high way bridge falls down on the high speed rail way, it become big tragedy, but don’t worry, no power plant explosion this time.

Please check big scale road construction pictures.

[wps_gmap width=”300″ height=”200″ responsive=”yes” address=”36.045577, 139.667748″]

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