Arowana is popular as Yakuza hobby in Japan. it’s symbol of strong, rich and good luck.

Arowana is not so popular in Japan, but small minority maniac people are enthusiastic to Arowana in Japan.



What kind of people love Arowana? it’s Yakuza.

I never say all Arowana breeder is Yakuza nor all Yakuza love Arowana.
lots of normal people love Arowana, but ratio of Yakuza in arowana breeder is big.

Yakuza is so superstitious that they love Arowana that is regarded as good luck fish resembling to chinese dragon.
This fish is very difficult and cost to breed. We must take care water quality and tempaleture and size of aqualium.


and the big problem is food.

Arowana eat only living creature.

so when we breed Arowana, we must breed insects too.


This arowana is still small one, so it eat small insects. but if it grow, they eat mouse or rabbit.

maybe arowana is enermy of disneyland.

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