Dogs sniff smelly ass of dog who is pretty and interesting taste good ass dog.

When I go to Dog hair salon, I happen to see surprising dogs activity.

Name of dog hair salon is “Pocket dog” that is at Asakusabashi.


[wps_gmap width=”300″ height=”200″ responsive=”no” address=”東京都台東区浅草橋2-17-6″]

It make me embarass at first. Because we don’t do such behavior.

These dogs are very pretty, but have bad taste.

The dogs who have bad tastes is like this.

Dog 1.

He is very pretty. but try to pee no matter where. Very bad manner dog.

シーケンス 01_2.mp4_000013233

Dog 2.

He seem to be surprised anytime. but we are surprised by him. He have also bad taste.

シーケンス 01_2.mp4_000037779

Please check such bad actions by pretty dogs with this video.

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