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The most professional cherry blossoms illumination show & beautiful story @ Nogawa

Why this spot attract so many people?

This river is very minor and it’s located in suburbs of Tokyo.

It’s far from train station.

But only 3 hour of specific day, lots of people gather here, that number is about tens of thousands of people.

Why so many people come to such place?

Because that moment, cherry blossom is light up very beautifully.

It’s not so special thing to light up cherry blossom in this season.

And there are more big scale and beautiful cherry blossom tree grove around Japan.

So why this spot attract so many people?

Because this river side cherry blossoms are lighted up by very professional way.

Professional equipments operated by professional people.

This illumination is arranged by professional lighting equipment Rental Company with their hundred of expensive lighting equipments by one hundred professional staffs.

Equipment data:

Total, x150
450kw (5 Generator cars), x250 cables, total 5km long. Weight 4t.






This company is Arc system Inc. It’s not Arc system work that is Video Game Company.

This lighting equipment rental company, Arc system Inc. is leading company in professional lighting area like a TV commercial, movie film.

Beautiful Story of river side Sakura illumination

Before time, they did light up one cherry tree blossom only for their own enjoyment, “Hanami”.

Because of their professional lighting, neighborhood asked them to light up more cherry trees that more people can enjoy this beautiful cherry blossom illumination.

Scale of lighting up glowed every year because more and more people come to this Sakura illumination.

And one day neighborhood organized official citizens’ group called “Nogawa no Sakura Raito appu wo tanoshimu kai” (Nogawa river’s sakura light up enjoyment club) to deal with many visitor.

Recently tens thousands of people visit this Sakura illumination.

Few people’s private enjoyment become tens thousand private enjoyment.

And this company never charges this lighting. They volunteer their lighting service.

This Cherry blossoms illumination is beautiful and this story is also beautiful.

If you have chance, you should see this astonishing beautiful Sakura illumination. It will be your lifetime experience.

If you have no chance, don’t worry, I took picture and video for you.

Please check picture and video.

It’s as if cherry blossoms emit light by itself!

Waking view video of this illumination

Beautiful pictures of this Sakura illumination














it’ like walking in the cherry blossom light.




































this is police booth. what a gorgeous place !



MAP of this Cherry blossom illumination show


About Arc system Inc. (very good company!)

ARC・SYSTEM INC. is a lighting equipment rental company providing lights, grips, generators  and expendables especially for the movie andTV commercial industry.
Our large inventory of various world-qualified equipment can meet requirement of lighting equipment of film and video production in Japan.

Address: 4-25-11, Fujimicho, Chofushi, Tokyo JAPAN.

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