Japanese BBoy is the most silent break dancer striking Buddha pose on the street

Break dancer is exciting! but make us be tired

What is your favorite BBoy? Moy? Luan? Tim? F.E.?

I know they are  excellent Bboys in the USA or in the world. They have really amazing technique.
Their moving technique is top class. They keep striking amazing pose one after another.
and they excite lots of people.

images (4) images (3)

But how long time can you watch those busy moving?

Such movement makes young people excited.
but old people become tired by seeing such kaleidoscopic changing movement.

this is the reason, Mother Teresa or Dalai Lama don’t pay attention break dance.

But I convince that they will appreciate this Japanese street sleeping break dancer.

He is street deep sleeping man who strike break dance pose.

“I solemnly swear to tell the truth as I know it, the whole truth as I believe it to be,
and nothing but what I think you need to know.” (quote from Clinton)

I actually happened to see and take a photo of him. He was actually sleeping when I took photo.
You could not believe it but this is real happening on the Tokyo Street.

I don’t know how he starts to sleeping this dark an empty sidewalk.

Maybe he could be very tired and sleepy.

Japanese Buddha bboy  vs USA monster Bboy

If you do his pose, you will get a cramp in my belly and cannot sleep like this.
at that time, you understand how difficult his pose.

But his face never shows such difficulty. it’s very peaceful.

It’s like a Buddha!

face and pose and leg like a Buddha.

He is like a living Buddha and sleeping Bboy.

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on the contrary, any USA break dance moving only reminds us of strange monster.


Outro B-boy brasileiro que participa desta etapa é Luan, de Bauru, interior de São Paulo (1) images (6)





Living Buddha? or sleeping Bboy?

I think he must be living Buddha, exactly saying, and living but sleeping Buddha.

The most silent break dancer is the living street sleeping Buddha.

He is also bboy, but his b is not breakin, but Buddha’s B, He is Japanese BBoy


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