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Cherry blossom festival @ Meguro river is good for street party

Important part of cherry blossom viewing


Day view of Meguro river cherry blossom
Day view of Meguro river cherry blossom

In Japan, spring is Cherry blossom viewing season.

The important part of Cherry blossom viewing is not only cherry blossom, but also drinking and eating.

There is Japanese old proverb about this, “dumplings rather than flowers; people are more interested in the practical over the aesthetic”

But cherry tree is growing in the wild.

It means that when we want to eat & drink, we must bring food and beer. Or after viewing cherry blossom, we go to restaurant and food shop.

This is very inconvenience.

Why Meguro river is good for cherry blossom viewing?

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Night view of Meguro river cherry blossom

But this place, Meguro River is very special place because there are lots of restaurants and food shop near cherry blossom grove.

Cherry tree is planted along the river side and at the same time, lots of restaurants are located along river. River and cherry trees are srounded by lots of buidings.

There are 830 cherry trees in this area. And pavement between cherry tree and shops is very narrow.

So this Meguro river pavement is really full of Cherry tree and crowded people in Cherry blossom season.

You can enjoy Japanese joyous spring mood at Meguro River in cherry blossom viewing season.

If you see the video, you can see how Megro River is cheerful mood

Walking view video


[wps_gmap width=”300″ height=”200″ address=”35.645910, 139.699202″]


Meguro river is srounded by full of cherry tree and buildings


Cherry blossom viewing spot is near the train station.
Pavement seem to have cherry blossom wall and ceilling
full of cherry blossom is along the river
lots of people take photo.



There are lots of food shops and restaurant along the river

there are lots of food shop too.

If beautiful girls try to take memorial pictures, we must help them.


You can enjoy party on the street ! let’s enjoy outdoor drinking with your friends

you can do party on the pavement

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