Travel TIP: Stop filming cooking in Ramen restaurant, It’s battlefield of Samurai cock

Not open kitche, it’s battle kitchen

Basically kitchen is very delicate place. This place must be sanitary.

This is the reason lots of restaurant kitchen is far from customer eating area to prevent food poisoning.

Yes, there are lots of insanity customer with many viruses.

But strangely lots of Ramen noodle restaurants, their kitchen is open kitchen style which is surrounded by Customer eating area.

This means if you sit on the seat, you can see the ramen masters who cook ramen, and Ramen masters also watch you who eat ramen cooked by Ramen master.


It’s like serious samurai battle.



STOP filming of cooking even though Japanese never complain you.

And recently because of Smart phones spreading, lots of people filming in the restaurant without hesitation.

Especially open kitchen restaurant invite you to film the cooking scene.

But lots of ramen master hate to be filmed. They feel humiliated by your shooting.
So sometime it becomes trouble in Japan.

I recommend not to film in restaurant.

Maybe they never say anything to you while you are filming even though they get angry in their mind. They just endure because they are Samurai.

But you should understand the end of samurai endurance is your death.

Ramen noodle restaurant is not a leisure facility for customers; it’s their battle field for Samurai Ramen masters.


Stop filming cooking in Ramen restaurant

Please check the video of Samurai Ramen master’s silent angry.


 Basic DATA


Restaurant name: 武骨(BUKOTSU)
Style: Ramen noodle

[wps_gmap width=”300″ height=”200″ address=”35.709103, 139.775950″]

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