Shibuya street Halloween party 2014, Cosplay show, Car&bike parade, Mikoshi performance

History of Shibuya street Halloween party

Several years ago, Halloween party is not so popular in Japan. Only foreigner enjoy it in Japan at Roppongi where is Japanese famous foreigner’s town. We need to understand and respect traditional Halloween style in Roppongi because USA people keeping an educational eye severe. and they scorn people who don’t wear pumpkin goods in their costume.

But tell the truth, Japanese people are not  interesting in Halloween, we just need excuse to do some wild party. this is the reason some young japanese people make use of Halloween party on the Shibuya street.

This is the reason Shibuya street halloween party is free style. You can forget pumpkin or USA political and cultural pressure.

Shibuya street Halloween party is free style halloween party.

How to join Shibuya street Halloween party?

Party place is Shibuya crossing in front of Shibuya train station.

[wps_gmap width=”300″ height=”200″ address=”35.659688, 139.700652″]

This party is no fee needed.

There is no dress code. no need pumpkin costume nor blood make up. you need not even cloth. Yes some people don’t wear anything even though it’s cold season.


What you do in this party is just getting wild around Shibuya crossing. you can come here by walk, by bicycle by bike by car or anything.

But there is one warning. If you come to Shibuya crossing, you will be regarded as Shibuya street Halloween party   Participant even if you don’t want it.

You will be taken picture and you will be broadcast as stupid thoughtless people who destroy Japanese moral.

How to enjoy this Shibuya  street Halloween party?

Just watching is no problem but you should do cosplay or undress.

and you should do some performance.

Some people do team performance by acting anime character. Some people do viecle parade.


If your performance is great, you are taken picutre by lots of people and get lots of re-tweet or thousand facebook share. that is your prize.

But if your performance is not good, you also are taken picture by lots of people and get lots of blame through twitter & facebook. and people detect your name and email address and will be sent lots of  terrible message.

and if your performance is too bad, you will be arrested immediately.

this year, two people arrested at Shibuya street halloween party. One person puch police, and the other person molester in the crowd.

2015 Shibuya street Halloween party.

2015 Halloween is on Saturday. it means people will be more get wild.

This year, 2014, police were off guard. So next year, 2015, Police will be very strict. police increase the number of police.

Shibuya street Halloween party program

Shibuya street Halloween party  is consist of several programs.

  1.  Costume play (single)
  2.  Costume play (team)
  3.  Car & bike parade
  4.  free style performance
  5.  Police arresting


Costume play (single performance)

1920_DSC_3710 1920_DSC_3717

Costume play (team performance)








1920_DSC_3775 1920_DSC_3771


Car & Bike parade





Halloween Mikoshi performance (Free style performance)

Halloween Bike stant performance (Free style performance)

Shibuya street Halloween party (Free style performance) bike stant

Halloween Sushi performance (Free style performance)

At first, white man and red man practice to do Sushi performance behind the street.


and they go to the middle of the shibuya crossing and do sushi performance.


But police interupt their sushi performance.



Police arresting

If you do some law violate things, you will be arrested


you will be thrown in this police box car and go to police station.


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