Crew run away because customers come. Hellish one-man operation of Gyudon shop.

Crew run away? What is these messy dishes?

This picture is not my kitchen. (My kitchen is more dirty) This picture was uploading on twitter recently with comment, “One-man operation leads this situation. It’s impossible to clear the table all alone. I feel sorry for young lonely Gyudon shop crew.

sukiya mess up sukiya mess up

And this tweet was retreated by many users soon. But after that, this original account owner closes that tweets soon.

Until now we don’t know this picture is real or fake. But we can know this restaurant is Sukiya. Sukiya is one of the most famous Gyudon chain restaurant.

According says:
Sukiya (すき家?) is a Japanese restaurant chain serving gyūdon, other donburi, and curry. As of 2008, Sukiya has over 1000 restaurants throughout all 47 Japanese prefectures as well as six in Shanghai, China; two in Suzhou, China, eight in São Paulo, Brazil; and eight in Thailand. Sukiya’s owner, Zenshō Co. Ltd. (ゼンショー株式会社?), is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and had sales of ¥282 billion in 2007.

Its slogan (printed in romaji outside the restaurant) is “save time and money”. According to the publicity printed in English on the walls of the restaurant, it originated in Yokohama. Unlike Yoshinoya, Sukiya did not stop serving gyudon during the ban on American beef imports, instead switching to beef imported from Australia.

In response to Yoshinoya’s butadon (pork bowl, a substitute for gyudon, “beef bowl”), Sukiya began serving its own version, tondon.

In September 11 2013, a Sukiya restaurant was opened in Mexico City, being the first to be opened in Mexico.

Sweatshop style business is public concern in Japan now.

Japanese people imagine from this picture that Gyudon shop crew run away because of hard job.

Now Sukiya become an object of public concern because of their sweatshop style business.


Recently some Sukiya restaurant closes temporally because of labor shortage. There is lots of job seeker. But strangely Sukiya is labor shortage.

these hand writing notice sign says shop close temporaly because of labor shortage even though it’s 24 hour operation.


some shop stop 24 hour operation because of labor shortage.
this is Sukiya’s recruiting advertisement

Some people say it’s because their sweatshop style business.

Sukiya offer dishes with very cheap price. They have lots of menu and taste is good. They make effort to price down. It seems to lead sweatshop style business.

This Gyudon shop opens 24 hour. Day time, few crews do their operation. But in the mid night, lots of Sukiya shops become one-man operation.

Bad news for employee but Good news for customer & Bandit.

It is called “Hellish one-man operation” (Jigoku no wan ope in Japanese).

This is actual official Sukiya’s training for preparing burgary. Japanese police ask them to do this training because there are lots of robbery in their shop.

This one-man crew does everything by oneself. Asking order, cooking, cashing, cleaning, food preparation for next day etc….


If only one customer come, it is ok. But if two or more person comes at the same time, it goes over easily the limit of one-man operation .


This is bad news for the employee, but good news for customer & bandit.


Actually robbery happens every few days in somewhere 4510 sukiya shops.

I like to go for meal to Sukiya. Its lots of delicious menu with cheap price. But I don’t want to work at Sukiya.

If you work as a robbery, it will be good place, maybe.

in the midnight, crew must do all operation all alone in this shop.


Check video of hellish one-man operation of Sukiya in the mid night


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